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Are you looking to have a pool patio installed on your Long Island property? Having a brand new patio installed can be a very big project. It’s best to choose a pool paver contractor who has enough experience to do a great job that will last a lifetime. Your Long Island Paver Patio will add value to your home. And also make your pool and backyard look amazing!

Many Long Islanders have been replacing their old wooden decks with Pool Paver Patios in recent years. Utilizing stone pavers is becoming very popular as stone pavers can outlast any wooden patio you have. Our rough winters have been destroying wooden decks due to the freezing and thawing process we go through each winter. Once you’ve switched to a paver patio, you can rest assured that we design our Long Island Pool Paver Patios to allow for this expansion and contraction so your patio will not be damaged in the winter. “Do it right, do it once” is a slogan we like to use when it comes to our work.

Long Island Pool Paver Patios can also give your backyard a full transformation. Many Long Island Pool patios were done in wood and concrete. And many that we have seen have rotted or become cracked due to weather over the years. But Paver Patios installed by NY Paving and Masonry stay looking as good as new for many years. Many clients end up creating a full paver patio that wraps their pool as well! So you can step out of your home and walk straight into your pool or hot tub without walking though grass. This keeps your pool or hot tub cleaner too, another benefit to pavers!

When searching for a contractor to install a new Long Island Pool Paver Patio, we hope you consider us. We are owner operated and look forward to working with you!

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